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About Us

Who are we:

Pavitra is a group of like minded people who believe in championing, promoting, and making right use of hemp in manifold ways. Committed to a sustainable way of life, we want people to be woke from thoughtless buying and consumption to mindful and conscious living.

We assiduously take care of every step in our product creation, from sources to product creation to how it reaches you.

What we do:

For starters, Pavitra has a range of cosmeceutical skincare-wellness products on offer that draws from the rich legacy of Ayurveda. A fusion of natural and organic ingredients with hemp seed oil, we know our formulations will find a loving space in people’s hearts and homes.

That‘s just to start with. What more to come, will be revealed as we journey along.

Our Belief:

Pavitra believes in a biocentric worldview and as such we advocate:

  • Sustainable living through mindful-conscious consumption.
  • What’s good for the Earth is good for you and not the other way round.
  • Natural, organic, and vegan.
  • Environment friendly products.
  • No animal testing or cruelty.
  • No harsh & harmful chemicals.
  • Towards a zero waste lifestyle.
Pavitra reaches out to you to join us in our endeavour to leave this Earth a better place for the future generation.