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Pavitra & 2020

A modest start.

Pavitra is eager to bring its entire array of skincare-wellness products to you, however, a 2020 launch has to be treated with caution and we think a sequential introduction of products would be wise. 

What should be made available right away and what can wait was a tough call to make. As an indie new brand it was a challenge to think through priorities.

Clearly, products meant for personal hygiene was top of the list.

Body wash was the undisputed winner. If science strongly advices handwashing as a protection against covid-19, bodywash has the same role to play for the full body.

Body oil is a star too. After a deep cleansing bath, it especially has a calming and de-stressing action on the mind as well as the body.

Pavitra Body wash and Pavitra body oil are therefore the first introductions of Pavitra. We would like you to experience them.

There’s more to come. Keep a watch.